miguel (innersmile) wrote,

from now on we'll love with pride

Sem grande conversa, que hoje foi dia de festa mas a luta continua. A Lavender Song é um dos mais antigos hinos gay, surgido na Alemanha dos anos 20, uma típica canção de cabaret. Das Lila Lied foi composta pelo russo Mischa Spoliansky, sob o pseudónimo Arno Billing, um dos mais importantes compositores dos anos da República de Weimar, autor de música de filmes e de músicas de cabaret, e que viria a ser expulso da Alemanha pelos nazis em 1933. Já agora, a canção foi dedicada a Magnus Hirschfeld, um médico homossexual e judeu, que foi uma espécie de precursor do activismo gay. Neste clip é cantada pela Ute Lemper, na versão inglesa (a versão alemã está, creio eu, no álbum Berlin Cabaret Songs).

What makes them think they have the right to say what God considers vice
What makes them think they have the right to keep us out of Paradise
They make our lives hell here on Earth poisoning us with guilt and shame
If we resist, prison awaits so our love dares not speak its name
The crime is when love must hide
From now on we'll love with pride

We're not afraid to be queer and different
If that means hell - well, hell we'll take the chance
They're all so straight, uptight, upright and rigid
They march in locksep we prefer to dance
We see a world of romance and of pleasure
All they can see is sheer banality
Lavender nights are our greatest treasure
Where we can be just who we want to be

Round us all up, send us away that's what you'd really like to do
But we're too strong, proud, unafraid
In fact we almost pity you
You act from fear, why should that be
What is it that you are frightened of
The way that we dress
The way that we meet
The fact that you cannot destroy our love
We're going to win our rights
To lavender days and nights
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