miguel (innersmile) wrote,

marchas populares

Na edição de Fevereiro da Attitude, um leitor da revista questiona o actor Antony Sher sobre se ele acha que ainda são necessários os eventos ligados ao gay pride. Responde o actor:
"Yes. I go back to being that boy in South Africa growing up gay with absolutely no examples of gay life being good or ordinary or something that you could do, but just something that was awful, disgusting, hidden away. In my youth if I had been able to see people walking down the street celebrating being gay in however outrageous or silly a way, the permission that would have given me would have been overwhelming. I would have been spared so many years of torture, self.hatred and the mess that I went through because I couldn't see examples of gay life being okay. I think its wonderful that people can walk through the streets and celebrate being gay."
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